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Review: Le Rat Mort Perfromance
by 6emedimension.net

Rapid presentation of the protagonists :

- Cartesian Lover is the result of a collaboration between visual artist Elizabeth Tesla and sonic composer Wayne Frost. The set can range from melodic ambient to deconstructed rythms in which they combine live electronic music compositions with live video mixes, vocal narratives and whatever they found.

- St Eve, represented here by *splendid* Gabrielle, singress of the band, usually composed of Fred Ditman (Bass/Keys), Kerry Smith (Guitars) and A.J. Tissian (Drums). This band was founded in 1998 in Manhattan (NY) and gave its first gigs in 2000 in NY cabarets and goth party, although their style can extend apart from the goth. for more infos: www.sainteve.net.

Part one : Cartesian Lover
Wayne offered us an hyptnotic and hysterical live mix supported by Betty's images loops, dissolves and effects in a crazy style melting archive images, film extracts, photographs, TV clips ... Beautiful, though a little short (but I am not objective since they could have continued like that all the night, that would not have disturbed me) after a salutary break to make it possible the synapses to connect back to their neighbours, the second so much awaited part arrives: :

Part two: Saint Eve.
Gabrielle, sitting in the middle of a white tule sea, contrasting with her red hair, small devil's wings and *minimalist* top of leather starts to sing (Cartesian Lover dealing of sounds and video projections) and immediately collects the attention of the room by its sublime voice. The set continue and the beauty take her clothes progressively out, revealing a dress in strass under the white tule sea, then a *very very* moulding trousers. The show goes on (of which Otherworldly Mammal, my favourite) and Gabrielle as charmed the public which doesn't want to let her leave!

After long applause and a well deserved recall, she offers us "Home", still a superb piece and she makes a small French speech (in which we briefly learn that she had made some French studies).

Thanks to Gabrielle, Cartesian Lover, Tom and the "Les Caves" for this good concert. NYAR

- St Eve's gig whole gallery. (Pictures Page: Gallery 4)