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(((online radio)))   Check out St. Eve on The One Bob, NewWaveRadio, and the New Music Radio Network. Also listen to and DJ Delchi on (Winamp/ I-Tunes) Radio WABOS.
Songs of a Goddess -
A Tribute to Tori Amos
[buy] [Review] St. Eve appears on the Cleopatra Records' Tori Amos Tribute Songs of a Goddess covering the song "She's Your Cocaine".
Sex Death and Eyeliner [buy] [Review] St. Eve appears on the soundtrack for the documentary Sex Death and Eyeliner!

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LOTR Intro -
St. Eve
[download] The intro video to Gabrielle's performance at the Lord of the Rings movie release party at Webster Hall. (shot and edited by LGP, except for the orchard shots by Alex Arcadia)
LOTR Intro -
Shane Savant
[download] Gabrielle created the intro video to Shane Savant's performance, so we've thrown it in here for good measure (it compressed so well!). (shot by Chris Watermeier and edited by LGP)