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The House Of St. Eve aka T.H.O.S.E., is an organization that produces or participates in events. We create special parties or sometimes just set up bars for private gatherings with a full staff, decorate spaces or provide performers.

The philosophy of T.H.O.S.E. is to embrace the active principle in receiving the creative impulse.

T.H.O.S.E. is the organization by which the St. Eve project supports itself. This is done primarily by hosting, catering, and assisting in events. A little history can be found here.

Here are some events we've hosted or been a part of:

Cabaret Rouge Noir
The Alan Gerson Inauguration
The Blue Jewel
Warm Fuzzies
Paper Magazine
Burning Man
The Emerald Sea
The 6th Element
Millenium Warmup (sic)
The Green Demon Cabaret