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The following is not a serious discussion about religion. I needed a "band" or project name and as I was mulling over "Eve" (Christian Bible Babe) as a concept, I came up with a few gross generalizations that have served to inspire me. If you email me with arguments about religious or mythical authenticity/ correctness I will ignore your letter and sign you up to chatty e-groups (a level of internet hell).

I felt that Eve had been overlooked as one of religion's great martyrs - done harm particularly by various churches. She suffered not only the weight of our pain and suffering, but she wasn't even billed as a truly wanton woman la Lilith. Eve is organized religion's martyr and she deserves to be sainted, even if it's just in my own head. In certain medieval religious texts there are writings where Adam is forgiven, but Eve is left to rot. For too long, people have been afraid of their "female" power - the witchy side; the right brain; that nagging intuition. Is Eve not the world's goddess? I can put the masks of many other culture's deities over Eve's face and find that there is barely a difference. She is quite universal.

Some people feel that my trip is a womanpower thing, but it's not. Power is only useful in both the short and long run if you are balanced. Considering that Eve's action defied authority and took a chance in hopes of increasing her knowledge, I say that Eve represents quite an "active" or "male", if you must, principle. In Greek and Roman mythology, it's the mischievous and knowledgeable Hermes/Mercury that represents this kind of thing. But then Eve is also, symbolically, the "first woman"*, so she gets all those great Isis, Venus, Juno (go on, name a thousand goddesses) etc. attributes. So, to me, the symbol of Eve has nothing to do with gender, but with the power of creation, the seeking of knowledge and the questioning of authority. We all have male and female qualities within us. In many ways, I find her to be a symbolic "hermaphrodite".

Poor Adam supposedly just went along with it all. He didn't requisition a new woman. He didn't sit back smugly to see her scooped away to hell. Just as Eve passes the apple to Adam, I always imagine a bit of a shrug on his part and an "oh-what-the-hell" look on his face. Now who's the passive principle here? I suppose we could talk a bit on behalf of the serpent, but isn't that just another voice of God? Yes, God (because God is all things - don't kid yourself) - rolling his eyes and thinking, "They always fall for this stuff! You give them everything and they always want what they can't have. Well, I guess I'd better start drawing plans for that new planet. But first, my dramatic exit! I know I'll slither out and leave a trail of Wormwood. Ahahahahaha." I can hear God's laughter more than all the other sounds God makes. God is the funniest comedian.

There are many, many ways of looking at this. The Gnostics held a completely different view of Eve, and the list goes on. All I am saying is that I found in Eve a wonderful western symbol for many ancient deities/energies/spirits/etc.

More specifically, St. Eve is the "goddess" who looks after the risktakers. She is behind the entrepreneur and the artist. She urges you to find out more, always. She'll whisper in your ear to take the leap.