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Review by Liam Thomson
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Saint Eve is a musical collaboration that reaches beyond the bounds of music as many of us would think of it - chords, harmonies, and possibly bit of tasty drumming. ‘Elixir’ is an artistic, multi layered and hugely expressive juxtaposition of sampled beats, industrial sounds and honey coated female vocals.

‘Heartblack Amnesiac’ pulses along with hints of garbage, delightful timing changes and vocal rhythms. Whereas; ‘Secret Special Toy Surprise’ blisters, with jaunty industrialized bass lines and sound loops. With lines such as; all the pearls my father gave me, were made of wisdom and cost him his life’. The lyrics exude a timeliness that feels as old as the music appears new. The dark heart of; ‘Bete Noire’ is aptly named and fuzzes along with metallic surges of guitars. The faux British accent breathes life into lines like; All that's wicked comes to pass and now it's time you go and when all evil eats itself, I'm happier, you know’. There is a bitter beauty to these tense, seductive…almost sexually driven songs. One which demonstrates an artistic power that gives cynical lines like; ‘You're so pathetic in my waking dream I wonder if you might Just move a muscle in reality if I were to say "boo"’ real bite.

‘No Human Words’ is a well written song that strays from an almost pure, snowy beauty to a confused mesh of sounds that is equally thorny and appealing. This is a highly quotable album with a whole host of intelligent and well written lyrics like; ‘It would have been easier if you'd gone in a car crash, It would have been easier if you'd gone away forever, I can't get used to being something you don't want to touch’ showing the unabashed, cold truthfulness of the writing. The Spanish; ‘Reina Roja’ adds a new and delightful flavour to the record and fortuitously it can’t help but leave you in a good mood. Lucky, as the slightly weak ‘Good Intentions’ precedes it. ‘Elixir’ is really multifarious, really intriguing and a genuine slow burner -with Marilyn Manson (albeit in his Mechanical Animals era) style tracks coming in the form of; ‘Side Effects’. ‘One Day’ feels like an atmospheric, ambient dance track with those silky vocals you will have, by now, come to adore.

Saint Eve is certainly not easy listening and if you aren’t in the right mood; can be almost wearisome. That said; it puts so many supposedly atmospheric or genuinely artistic recording artists to shame. So, as the record draws to a close with an absolutely fantastic take on; ‘It's The End of the World as We Know’ you will be left wanting to further explore the world of Saint Eve – whether this was your 1st listen or your 101st.

Standout Tracks: ‘Heartblack Amnesiac’, ‘Secret Special Toy Surprise’, ‘Bete Noire’ & ‘Reina Roja’.

Added: April 26th 2004

Reviewer: Liam Thomson

Score: (4 Stars)

Gabrielle and Liam's correspondence following the review:

> Hello Liam!
> Thank you for the most in depth review to date. I'll be putting it
> on the website today.
> The only thing that surprised me really was the comment on the "faux
> British accent" in Bete Noire. That just never occurred to me. It's
> just how I speak and I'm a well spoken American, but still pretty
> American (I do voice overs among my many jobs). It just made me
> laugh. I once had a Brit comment on the spoken word in my Lord of
> the Rings Video that I did for a party. It's on the
> site. He had a hard time placing my accent. I just worry what crap
> TV we're shipping over to you guys.
> But thanks again for putting all that time in.
> With warmth and respect,
> gabrielle

Glad you liked it :)
Yeah I did'nt mean it as an insult but there is somehting about your voice,
especially when you don't stretch it that sounds a little like american film
stars who have been schooled for an english character's speaking part. I think
it works very well with the style of the songs...especially that one it gives
it a classy kind of wry humour. Very cool.--
Kind Regards;
Liam Thomson.

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