In Rotation, April 2004
Mistress McCutchan

Saint Eve – Elixir
Track Listing:
Heartblack Amnesiac, Secret Special Toy Surprise,
Bete Noire, Jets, No Human Words, Reina Roja, Good Intentions,
Side Effects, Frame of Mind, Morgan of You, One Day,
While the City Sleeps, It’s The End Of The World As We Know It
(And I Feel Fine), Spring Cleaning.

Fresh and brilliantly infectious electronica from this “Chemical Sister”
that has been on repeat both on my laptop and my iPod. From the aggressive
punk of “Heartblack Amnesiac” to the sultry “Morgan of You”, this is a stun-
ning album; not a weak song in the bunch (and yes, that second to last one
is a R.E.M. cover).

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